Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Same Topics, New Blog

I guess I lied with that whole "The Last Update" bit.  Turns out there is another piece of news worth including:

I was recently informed of the opportunity to write a blog with a project called "The Global Conversation".  It's a series of blogs by people affiliated with Brown University (that's my school, should someone not know) through a collaboration between the AT&T and the Watson Institute (the international relations think tank at Brown).  I thought it would be an interesting way to write about some of the policy-related things I've been thinking about recently, so I set up a page.  You can read it at:


I'll be talking about some of the things I mentioned on this blog, concentrating on the policy aspect.  My main focus will be on the changing nature of governance, especially in Europe, where power is often shared between regional, national, and European* levels.  I would encourage anyone who enjoyed this blog to take a look at it.

*I actually don't know how to say this in English.  See, in Spanish, one would say "comunitario", which originally referred to the European Community.  Maybe a word like this exists in English, but since I learned this all in Madrid, I have no idea what it would be.

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