Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kan is Back and I Fear For His Life

 Kan and his mother have returned, bring laughs and blood curdling shreaks back to my temporary abode.  This clearly means that my next objective learning the name of Kan's mother\Cihan's wife.

Anyway, I know I may have been overconcerned about Kan eating honey.  After all, most honey is fine for babies and adults and he was fed so little of it.  On the other hand, I am convinced that Kan's newest toy is not a good idea.  It is one thing perhaps to see if a baby takes interest in a red mylar (that shiny plastic they make balloons out of) bag.  It is another thing to give it to him as toy to play with when everyone is in the other room eating dinner.  The poor guy doesn't even like playing with it, but they keep puting it in his hands.  I may be out of line, but I might teach myself the Turkish word for suffocation if this continues.

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