Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photos and I Now Know the Baby's Name... Too Bad He Is Missing

Yesterday at dinner my host mother said something about Kan not existing.  I assumed that Kan was some sort of food product or service, but figuring that this Kan might be important, I looked quizically at her.  She sadş 'the baby' and I make an oooh sound (which unlike 'umm' is not vulgar slang) and we went on with dinner.  To be fair, I should have guessed this.  My host mother loves saying 'Kan... Kan... Kan...' to the baby, but like 'gel' (the imperative of to come and a popular thing to say to babies) I assumed that Kan was just some sort of command.  Now that Kan and his mother are gone (seemingly temporarıly as they left their things and husband\father behind) the house is quieter, but at least I know the names of almost everyone in the family.

Now for photos to prove I am not still living in the basement of my\my parents house.
 Kocatepe Mosque as seen from my Turkish classroom.

Kocatepe Mosque as seen from my bedroom.  The classroom has a better view.

Kocatepe Mosque inside.  Perhaps the best view.

Ankara at Night.  Seen from the Citadel.

The mausoleum of Ataturk

Beautiful Safronbol.  The tourist destination of locals.

We examine a Turkish excercise park.  The conclusion: fun, but it's not going to get anyone in shape.
The view from Turkish class.  Ataturk looks down on us as he does in most every Turkish building.  He eveng greets me as I come though the door home each day.

Nıck shows off a fez, illegal in Turkey since the 20s.  We found this one in a house museum.


  1. What's wrong with the basement of your parent's house??

  2. yay pictures!!
    I like the blue ankara one.

    (hi david :P)

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  4. Hi Yael! Also Dad, there is nothing wrong with the basement, but were I posting from it I would be lying about this whole Turkey thing. The pictures offer evidence to the contrary.

  5. Remember, I still want you to buy me an Ataturk statue.